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OPDS: 302 redirect breaks authentication state on Pocketbook devices

#2 - Submitted by Taras on 30 Dec 2023 (Updated: 19 Feb 2024) - Bug - Launched

Steps to reproduce

  1. Get the current user OPDS feed URL from It looks like{USERNAME}/opds-feeds/

  2. On PocketBook e-book device try to add Libreture OPDS feed in "Network Libraries"

  3. Fill authentication form

Actual result

Get authentication error

Expected result

Get the OPDS catalog and other feeds

Additional information

Quick debugging uncovered that it is because actually OPDS feed URL{USERNAME}/opds-feeds/ redirects to{USERNAME}/opds-feeds/ removing WWW part. So Pocketbook software interprets it as an error response on initial request with HTTP basic authentication info. The same for all the feed URLs in OPDS catalog. So even if you specify main OPDS catalog as{USERNAME}/opds-feeds/ you still get error when will try to navigate to other built-in feeds, e.g. "All" or "Read".

The suggestion is to fix all the OPDS URLs and provide them without WWW domain section (and actually without HTTP redirect) from the first time. It will also remove 1 extra HTTP request navigating a feed.