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Book Clubs

#19 - Submitted by Kevin on 17 Aug 2022 (Updated: 20 Aug 2022) - Feature - Under Review

Tools for readers to initiate and run online book clubs.

Concept A user can create a public or private book club centred around a particular book. Private clubs would require a way for the creator to invite other users. The club would specify a suggested reading rate to keep everyone in sync e.g. a chapter per week, and a facility for users to comment on the current chapter - that could be a embedded third party service, but preferable if it appeared as part of Libreture.

It would add a social element without turning Libreture into a social network. An in-house Liberture Book Club. Occasionally introduce offers or giveaways for the selected book - the assumption being you would hopefully sell several copies to participants.

Maybe, book club invitees could include users who aren't registered yet - as a way to get new registrations....

The creator would not necessarily have to have the book in their library to create a book club. They could create a book club from a book in someone else's library.

They see a book they fancy reading in a reader's library or activity feed, select an option to create a book club with a start date and reading rate, add some users to invite and select if it's public or private. Public book clubs would appear on the home page somewhere for other users to join. I suppose it doesn't matter whether or not the users have the book in their library - they could be reading a physical copy., but Libreture could make the appropriate bookshop to buy the book from nice and clear when the user chooses to join the book club.